Smell that? Death is in the air!

Horace the Corpse Flower at the Como Zoo has finally bloomed after a seven year wait, and it left a pair of funeral directors underwhelmed.

Horace is Here, But Funeral Directors Are Disappointed

A pair of Twin Cities-area funeral directors decided to check out the smelly attraction. Why? To find out if the flower smells as bad as their workplace...a funeral home.

The verdict?

It definitely smells but not as bad as what we are used to. Kind of disappointed it didn’t make me gag.***” ~ Oliver Perkins

Tough crowd.

Big Crowd Gathers For the Blooming of the Corpse Flower

Some folks waited in line for over 3 hours to catch a whiff/glimpse of Horace. The worst/goodest of the stench will last through Friday morning, but you can still sniff it out for a couple more days. If you don't feel like getting in line, check out the live video feed below.

H/T: MPR News

***that's what she said

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