ST. CLOUD -- Excellent weather conditions over the Spring and Summer has farmers already hitting the fields for the fall harvest.

Area farmers are preparing for what could be a record harvest. University of Minnesota Extension educator Dan Martens says even with the increased productions, market prices are still expected to remain low.

"Generally prices are much lower this year for the crop then they have been for the last two or three years and that will make it tight on the budget when we look at balancing expenses," says Martens.

According to a recent report from the University of Minnesota, it cost farmers more to grow the corn than the price they will receive at the market.

Martens says while farmers are hoping for better prices, they could still see a profit with the help of crop insurance, and the increased yield, to cover the low values.

"In some cases there may be some crop insurance through revenue based coverage programs that might help cover the cost, and that's part of the task of trying to manage the budget and try to ride those cycles," says Martens.

With harvest season underway, now is a good time for for both farmers and the general public to practice farm safety.

Martens says unless we see a heavy rainfall over the next month farmers should be able to finish harvesting before winter.

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