STEARNS COUNTY - An assistant Stearns County attorney is being recognized for his work in prosecuting impaired drivers.

Kevin Voss will be honored next month by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and Minnesota Twins as a "DWI All-Star". It's a distinction earned by a couple prosecutors in the state each year.

Voss was also nominated for his work in the area of implementing an electronic search warrant process. Procedures are now in place that allow officers to send search warrants by email, have the judge review and approve it and send the warrant back through email.

"Prior to this, they would have to in many cases go to the judges house or something like that, it would be very time consuming," Voss says.

The Stearns County Attorney's Office says prosecution of DWI offenders has been a top priority. Stearns County recently ranked 6th when it came to drunk driving related deaths and injuries.

Voss has worked in DWI prosecution for 10 years. He will be honored during the pre-game festivities at the July 27th Twins-Atlanta Braves game.

"I'm very honored and I recognize that it's really a team effort here. Being a prosecutor is something that I love and DWI enforcement is something that I really enjoy doing."