ST. CLOUD -- The recent string of shootings in Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota this summer, has many of us feeling vulnerable and wondering when it will end.

However many residents are not waiting to take action.

Princeton resident Matt Kehrer has had his permit to carry for about six years. He says while he hopes he never has to use his gun, he doesn't want to feel helpless if a situation occurs.

"I feel responsible to not only protect myself but others as well. I don't ever wish to use my conceal and carry to defend anyone but in case a situation should arise, I want to be prepared," says Kehrer.

Kehrer says he believes there is a lack of education about guns which adds to the fear. He says he's had several friends ask him about how to obtain a permit to carry.

"With violence being more prevalent, people are feeling more unsafe in their communities. When something happens close to home, a problem becomes more of a reality they've overlooked and now they are worried about it," says Kehrer.

Local guns shops have also commented seeing a growing interest in gun purchases and in wanting their permits to carry.

Kehrer says while there is a sense of comfort in having a gun, it's a tool that should be used responsibly and wisely.