COLD SPRING - Cold Spring is hoping to annex land from Wakefield Township soon for their area Gold'n Plump.

The Gold'n Plump factory is on Cold Spring land, except for one lot, which they want to expand. The company wants access to city services if they expand and requested the city annex the land from the Township.

Cold Spring needs state approval for the annexation to happen. Wakefield Township was originally okay with the annexation for no cost, but the proposal was denied by the state. The ruling said the state was uncomfortable with Wakefield Township giving away land for free.

Cold Spring is now offering the Township $1,679 for the annexation. Mayor Bob Thelen says if the offer is approved by the state and township, they can move forward.

If the request is approved. The city will be able to annex the land and Gold'n Plump can expand.

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