COLD SPRING - Concerns were addressed involving Cold Spring City Administrator Paul Hetland during a city council meeting on Tuesday.

The council says Hetland has not been in the city offices enough and called for him to spend eight hours in the office per day in the future. Cold Spring Mayor Doug Schmitz says Hetland is the face of the city and needs to be in his office more.

Schmitz adds that there have been weeks when Hetland hasn't been in the office at all. If Hetland is out of the office, the council recommended that he keeps staff informed on where he is.

The council also discussed a number of complaints from citizens about phone calls or emails to Hetland not being answered.

The city says he needs to respond back to calls and emails within 24 hours in the future. The council also requested that council agenda packets include more detail.

Hetland has declined to comment on the story.

Hetland had previously received a favorable review from the council last June and raised his hourly pay to $39.