The Great Resignation is turning into the Great Reshuffle in Central Minnesota.  Gail Cruikshank is the Talent Director for the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.  She says:

The “Great Resignation” tends to refer to people leaving their jobs and not immediately re-entering the workforce. The “Great Reshuffle” is a newer phrase to describe workers leaving one job for a better opportunity in the job market. Hiring is heating up and in-demand professionals know they have options.  More employees may be eager to explore other opportunities, especially if they’re not completely satisfied in their current role, and I think we’ll continue to see that as demand increases.

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The control in the job market is still squarely on the side of job seekers.  Cruikshank says because of this employers need to be sensitive to employees needs.  They includes greater retention and recruiting efforts.  Cruikshank says employers shouldn't list a laundry list of job requirements because of the worker shortage.  She says listing a few necessary skills would be a better approach.  Cruikshank had this to says about night and weekend opportunities:

Night and Weekend Job Opportunities

  • Great way to pick up a 2nd job to earn some extra money, learn a new industry or meet some new people
  • GreaterStCloudJobSpot showcases over 4500 part time opportunities right here in our region. Employers may consider PT versus FT for right candidate.
  • Allows for flexible scheduling to balance other commitments or other family member work schedules.
  • Health care, hospitality, retail, receptionist, education, delivery, manufacturing, and more
  • Employers flexible in their hiring and welcome part time as well as full time will see more success. seasonal opportunities are available as well.
  • Employer flexibility is key! Remote work is here to stay. Think about your jobs differently to help fill them. – Recruitment/Retention tips on our GSDC website – – employer resources
photo courtesy of Jay Caldwell
photo courtesy of Jay Caldwell

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Gail Cruikshank it is available below.  Resources available for job seekers and employers include and



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