ST. CLOUD -- As more COVID-19 tests are being given to people across Minnesota, the question now is when should you call to see if you have the coronavirus.

CentraCare Dr. George Morris says there are some guidelines to consider first...

Typically, we would look at cough or shortness of breath as two of the main ones. And those would be new or worsening. It's allergy season so many people might have normal shortness of breath or a normal cough at this time of year. So, we would be looking for a new or worsening. If you don't have one of the first two...if you have two or more (like) body aches, shaking, chills, along with a fever and loss of sense of smell then those are ones where we'd say if you have at least two of them, give us a call.

Dr. Morris says there are additional symptoms and guidelines listed on the CDC website or at

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