ST. CLOUD - It can be difficult to remember to routinely organize and update your computer, but keeping it clean and up to date is crucial to make sure it's running its best.

Today is "National Clean Your Computer Day", a Holiday that reminds you to spend some time cleaning out and backing up your computer.

While the Holiday is only once a year, it's recommended that you clean and update your computer once a week. Updating your computer will keep it running fast and protect it from Malware and viruses.

Barry Penly is with St. Cloud Tech Helper, he says computers need some attention from time to time to run their best.

Penly adds that one of the best things you can do for your computer is backing it up properly.

You can keep your computer running well by installing updates, and cleaning out old files. You can also clean the outside of your computer by using a can of condensed air to clean the keyboard and monitors.

For additional computer help, you can contact Penly at St. Cloud Tech Helper at 320-433-0862