ST. CLOUD, MN – With only a few weeks to go before they move into their new home, the Tri-County Humane Society is launching a fundraiser.

The campaign, called Cats vs. Dogs, asks donors to vote for which of the two furry companions they prefer most. For $25, a picture of the donor’s pet will be featured in a photo gallery on TCHS’s website. For $50, the pet’s picture can be featured in a mosaic of the TCHS logo. The art will also be displayed in the new shelter. Donors can vote more than once.

All proceeds from the campaign will support the cost of TCHS’s new facility, located right behind the organization’s current building, located at 735 8th Street Northeast in St. Cloud. TCHS is aiming to raise around $2 million toward the project.

The Cats Vs. Dogs campaign will run until August 10. To learn more, or to donate, call 320-252-0896, ext. 28 or email

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