ST. CLOUD -- An award-winning journalist is this year's guest speaker at the Mayors Prayer Breakfast. The 41st annual event is on Thursday, November 21st at the River's Edge Convention Center.

Chairman Matt Foster says they are bringing in Lee Strobel who used to be the legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. He wrote a book called "The Case for Christ", which has also been made into a movie.

Strobel was an atheist who tried to prove his wife wrong when she became a Christian.

So she came to faith in Christ and he did everything he could to prove her wrong, being a good investigative reporter, he just had to investigate whether Christ was actually real.  So, the book is about that journey.

Fourteen area mayors have been invited to attend the event. The breakfast is expected to have about 1,100 people.

Foster says you can also stick around after the breakfast to keep the conversation going.

We kind of have the full line-up this year, we've partnered with a few local churches as well to do discussion groups afterward really just to breakdown who is Christ? Did he actually exist? Why do we believe what we believe?

Veterans are invited to attend for free, with the first 250 vets that register getting a complimentary ticket.

Tickets are $30 each if you want to go. Strobel will also be speaking at an evening event called "Skeptics Surprise". Tickets for that are $18 each.