ST. CLOUD -- The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association is holding their annual conference in St. Cloud this week and one of the topics is body cameras.

Gordon Ramsay is the Police Chief in Duluth. Duluth was the first department in the state of Minnesota to put body cameras on all of their patrol officers. Ramsay says it's the evolution of law enforcement.  He says there is so much value in having video, whether it's protecting the officer or the public.

Ramsay says his officers were evenly split on the idea at first.  But now, Ramsay says more than 90% of them support the cameras.  he says even investigators are asking for body cameras because video is proving to be a great tool for investigations, complaints and officer safety.

The cameras don't come without challenges, however.  Ramsay admits growing pains like data storage, data management and privacy issues.

Police departments across the state are waiting for guidance from the Legislature, but Ramsay feels body cameras will soon be part of every police department in Minnesota.

The Legislature is not expected to craft rules governing body cameras this session, but guidelines will undoubtedly be needed as more police departments implement them in the future.