ST. CLOUD -- Bird Flu was a hot topic around Minnesota last year as millions of turkeys were destroyed to prevent the spread of the disease. The eradication cost millions of dollars in lost profits for farmers.

Central Minnesota farmers got to hear about Biosecurity on the Farm at the Central Minnesota Farm Show today (Tuesday).

GNP Live Production Manager Alex Bronder was on the panel. He says their chicken barns weren't affected by the bird flu, but they are prepared for such outbreaks with three levels of Biosecurity at their processing plants and producers.  He says the biosecurity measures helps everyone keep diseases out of their barns and processing facilities.

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Dr. Carl Larson is a veterinarian with Animals, Inc. in Watkins, Kimball and Maple Lake. He says with the outbreak of the bird flu last year, it showed that the systems in place are working to keep our food sources safe. He says the outbreak was quickly identified, the affected birds contained and eradicated, and the barns decontaminated to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

The 49th annual Farm Show is at the River's Edge Convention Center through Thursday.

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