Jeopardy. One of my favorite shows of all time. As a kid I watched religiously as Alex Trebeck and his kick-butt mustache rolled out the knowledge. I don't know how many times I had to correct my Mother: "IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION, MOM! SHEESH!"

Yesterday on the show, it was the Teen Tournament. Always a good indicator of the nerds that will someday dominate Reddit, Twitter and the next big thing in internet media. One guy, Leonard Cooper from Little Rock, AR, was dominating, mostly from an incredibly stupid (or RISKY as Alex called it) bet on a Double Jeopardy. He bet $18,000 of his $18,200 coffer. He knew the answer and was suddenly in a commanding lead with $36,200. By the time Final Jeopardy rolled around, Leonard must have done the math, because he laid out the smackdown with THE BEST ANSWER (or Question) EVER.

The answer was; "On June 6th, 1944, he said "The eyes of the world are upon you." The question is Who is Dwight D. Eisenhower. Although one of the other contestants got the answer right, it didn't matter, because even if the other two had risked all of their winnings and got the answer right, all Leonard had to do was risk $1 and get the question wrong and he still won. Watch the short video and see what Leonard wrote as his guess for final jeopardy.