ST. CLOUD -- Over two-thousand people will be running in St. Cloud this weekend.

Richard Leguil, WJON

As part of the Earth Day runs, Beaver Island Brewing organizes a clean-up event to tidy up the Beaver Island Trail.

Nick Barth is a co-owner of Beaver Island Brewing. He says for this is the third year they've done it, and it's about preparing for the runners.

"So we're out here, it's a few days before Earth Day. We're excited for our third annual Beaver Island Trail clean-up. We do this in preparation for the Earth Day half marathon."

With the Governor's fishing opener coming to town, they've expanded their clean up to the river itself.

"This year with the opener coming up we thought we could expand the clean up to the riverbanks and get that spotless for our anglers in May.

As for the brewery's opener plans, Barth says they'll be all over the city during the opener. Including the community picnic, an event at the Blackberry Golf Course , and tours of the tap room and brewery.

Richard Leguil, WJON