My great friend Dave Angel, from Parenting Aspergers- Information Online, each week delivers great information to people who have children on the Autism Spectrum. I thought this was a great list, because we have to make sure that our Asperger children are up to date on what stupid phrases actually mean. Many of our Asperger friends take what we say very literally, so as you can see, this list of phrases, could be very confusing for anyone, but especially those on the Autism Spectrum, who may not understand the social cues of society, the way the rest of us do. This list actually came from Michigan's Lake Superior University's list of banished words.


This phrase has been used to explain the amazing success behind all kinds of ventures. Can you imagine people pouring sauce all over everything making it successful? Neither can I, but if you think very literally, it means a totally different thing.


Where men take up too much room on public bus or train seats, limiting options for others. This sounds like a disease.


The chosen verb for using e-cigs (another phrase) or e-cigarettes. Sounds like you're doing something mean to someone, doesn't it?



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