With the price of eggs, it seems that more and more of my friends are turning to buying and raising chickens. If you've recently noticed your chickens aren't producing as many eggs now as they had been, there might be some things you can do to get them back to producing like they were weeks ago.

The Lonsdale Feed Mill posted some tips for people that have chickens that seem to be struggling to lay eggs this time of year. Some of the solutions offered are more common sense, like making sure the area where the chickens are laying is clean, warm, and dry. Others are a little less common sense.

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"We've been hearing from a lot of people that their chickens aren't laying that many eggs this winter. Here are some things to consider.
Are they molting? Molting is when they lose their feathers and grow new ones. Molting requires most of their energy to grow new feathers resulting in little to no eggs. You can feed them a higher protein layer to speed up the process or supplement their diet with higher protein snacks mealworms are an excellent example.
Light, how much light are they getting? In the winter the short days cause them to lay less. Supplementing with artificial light for up to 16 hours a day can help with egg production.
How clean is your pen? If your pen is cold and damp, your birds will be putting more energy into keeping warm and less into laying eggs. A fresh layer of dry bedding will help keep them dry and warm.
How warm is your pen? Consider adding a heat lamp if it is too cold. Energy used to keep warm is energy that could be used to produce an egg."
Of course, there might be other things going on if your chickens aren't laying as many eggs as they used to, but these are some of the more common issues that often result in lower egg production in chickens.
I hope this helps if you are having egg-laying issues with your flock.

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