ST. CLOUD -- She may not be the fastest or the strongest member of the team, but their is no questioning her passion for the sport.

Angie Stolt is a sophomore linebacker for the St. Cloud Apollo Eagles and her playing career began in the 5th grade.

"I started playing during recess and I just got hooked on it and kept playing ever since," says Stolt.

Stolt watches from the sidelines during practice. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

"She grew up in our Eagle Youth Football program and then played junior high football so I have been able to watch her play for a few years," says Varsity Head Coach Justin Skaalerud.

She says the sport brings it's challenges, but the biggest hurdle was convincing her parents to let her play.

"They just kind of went with it after a couple hours of arguing, but we worked it out," says Stolt.

Stolt's gives it her all every time she puts on that helmet, and her teammates and coaching staff have noticed.

"We definately respect her for all the hard work she puts in and that's a big thing," says Junior Quarterback Joey Atkinson.

"The other players treat her just like any other player, which is a credit to her," says Skaalerud.

Her hard work quickly paid off after becoming the first female football player to play a varsity game for the Eagles and record a tackle.

"It was really cool, the whole fan section got into it and was cheering for me. That was cool," says Stolt.

"She has a lot of heart and you see it in games and practice. We are just so proud of everything she has done," says Skaalerud.

Stolt's says she loves playing football and as for her advice to other girls wanted to play -- just try it, it's a lot of fun.

St. Cloud Apollo faces Moorhead tonight (Friday) in their third game of the season.

Sophomore Angie Stolt works on PAT drills. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)