SOUTH HAVEN - First place in this competition doesn't  receive a gold medal for winning, instead they get treated to a steak dinner while the losers look on with envy and hot dogs.

The steak prize is how Annandale Paintball came up with the name the Battle of the Beef, which was held on Sunday afternoon.

JT Grundy is the Event Coordinator for Annandale Paintball. He says the event was started to let everyone have a chance to play paintball.

"Battle of the Beef came about many many years ago. My Dad was thinking of ways where we could have activities for people that didn't really have a team or a bunch of buddies that wanted to play."

When competitors get to the field they throw their name in a hat and then teams are drawn randomly. Each team has three people on it. Most of the time you will end up with people you don't know.

Grundy says while paintball can look intense, people always have a great time. .

"In the 13 years that we have been doing this we don't have people leaving in ambulances, we don't have people limping home. They leave with a smile on their face."

Annandale Paintball has guns, paint, and masks available for rent for anyone that wants to learn to play. Grundy says they invest in the highest quality materials to make sure you don't get hurt and are able to enjoy your time paint balling.

Below is a video of Annandale Paintball's options for different guns and playing fields.

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