UNDATED -- Zebra Mussels have popped up in three more lakes in central Minnesota according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR says it's confirmed the invasive species in Koetter Lake in Stearns County, Mound Lake in Todd County and Crookneck Lake in Morrison County.

The lakes are connected by the Sauk River between Sauk Lake and Becker Lake. That section of the Sauk River will also be added to the DNR's infested waters list. Those lakes include Melrose, Becker, Horseshoe, Zumwalde, Schneider, Great Northern, Cedar Island, East Lake, Little Lake, Cedar Island Main Bay and Mud Lake.

The DNR recommends property owners check their docks, lifts and boats for any invasive species, or hire a DNR-permitted business to remove or install water-related equipment.

Also, call your area aquatic invasive species specialist if you think you've found an invasive species.

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