UNDATED -- As the temperatures start to drop, ice will begin forming on area lakes and rivers. That has the DNR's Water Safety Specialist Tim Smalley concerned. He says today's topic for Winter Hazard Awareness Week is Outdoor Winter Safety and with that comes the need to be extra cautious around thin ice.

Smalley says don't risk your life by going out on the ice too soon.  He says two inches of ice isn't enough to be considered safe.

Its also very important to keep an eye on children around freezing lakes. Smalley says kids are curious creatures and attracted to the ice but don't really understand the dangers of frigid water.

Remember you should have at least four inches of good, clear ice for walking, skiing or snow-shoeing. There should be five inches or more for ATV's and snowmobiles, 8-12 inches for cars or small trucks and 12-15 inches for bigger vehicles.