With the cold spell we've had the last few days, with wind chills around 30 below at times, you've probably asked yourself. When is spring? Actually if you're like me, you've probably asked many times over, when is summer? But one season at a time, right?

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Technically, spring is to begin on March 20, and if we go by Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, we are getting six more weeks of winter because he saw his shadow. But we all know that's all laughable. What is this ONLY six more weeks of winter talk. Here in Minnesota we don't really set our hopes up that high. We know snow and cold weather is possible clear up until even the beginning of May.

When we hear there are six more weeks of winter, we think and then another six following that, maybe even more. Someone else here in Minnesota had this similar thought when they heard on Groundhog Day we were getting six more weeks of winter, because they put together a meme that pretty much sums up the question:

When is Spring in Minnesota?

You can't help but laugh on how spot on that is. It happens pretty much every year. Everything seems to be looking up, especially the temps, so spring and warmer weather has to be coming. Then Mother Nature, says, ha just kidding...it's winter again.

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It's why we can't have nice things, at least not right away. If you've lived here long enough you know a few things. You don't plant your flowers too early, there might be one last frost. You definitely don't take out your deck furniture too early, that's like washing your car on a sunny day in July, it's a jinx because you know full well precipitation, snow, or rain in the summer, will come spoil it all.

So we don't really listen to that Phil animal, because we know better...if we did have 6 weeks left of winter, we'd all have this same sentiment:

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