Waking up this morning I was surprised that we had maybe an inch of new snow on the driveway and on the road. What happened to the 2-5 inches we were told about? Well, the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities has an answer for that, and also a warning that there is potential for MORE snow on the way this weekend.

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According to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, the roads and other hard surfaces were just too warm for the snow to stick and accumulate, and we have the sun to thank for that, even though it was cloudy yesterday.


Snow has been falling for a good portion of the day, why hasn't it accumulated on pavement? Three main reasons:
  • Surface temperatures are near or above freezing.
  • There is a relatively strong solar angle in March versus the rest of the winter (yes, even through the clouds) during the daytime hours.
  • Lighter snowfall rates.
We will see it start to stick more on roads & other surfaces later this afternoon into the evening as temperatures cool, the sun sets, and snowfall rates increase. Snowfall totals will be on the lower end of the forecast range due in part to the above reasons;
However, if you were to measure every few hours on the snowpack, you likely would get further into the forecast snowfall range.
This same set up could lead to similar scenario with the Saturday/Sunday system.

So are they already sitting us up for an underwhelming storm system this weekend?

Here is what they had to say about this weekend's potential this morning.

St. Cloud and Central Minnesota fall in the range where it's the most likely that we will see 4 inches or more of snow.

Time will tell.

Be safe out there.

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