"You know as a player someday you will leave the coach, but you don't expect the coach to leave the player," St. Cloud State junior forward Robby Jackson said Tuesday afternoon when discussing the departure of coach Bob Motzko.

Motzko has left SCSU after 13 seasons to coach at the University of Minnesota.

Athletic Director Heather Weems said that she was contacted by University of Minnesota AD Mark Coyle on Saturday and was told "there might be a conversation going on" before being told by Motzko himself Monday about the decision.

Weems said she was told Monday "the decision had been made, and to prepare (herself)."

"This is an emotional decision for Bob," Weems said. "He doesn't just flip a switch on and off, this is a hard decision for him."

Motzko held a meeting with the team Monday afternoon to inform them of his decision.

"Obviously, there had been a lot of speculation, so we had a feeling what the meeting was about," freshman Blake Lizotte said.

"We touched on the season at first," Jackson said. "Then (Motzko) got into the meat of it, and it felt like a heart-to-heart."

"It was an emotional day, especially for the (upperclassmen)," Lizotte said. "An emotional day for everybody, including Bob and his family."

"There was a lot of silence, which was weird because usually we clap at the end of meetings," Jackson said. "After Motzko and Weems left, no one knew what to do or how to handle it."

"Coming fresh off the NCAA Tournament, which was emotional, and now adding this on top of it is emotionally draining as well," Lizotte said.

Weems says Motzko leaves a rich legacy behind at St. Cloud State.

"He has truly cared about the student athletes, not only from a skill on ice perspective but from a human perspective," Weems said. "As an alum, it's been important that he came and served our university."

"Certainly, his (on-ice) success as well," Weems said.


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