It's Family Meal Planning Month, and my good friend Ashley Kibutha, Supermarket Registered Dietician Lead at Coborn's, stopped by and shared some great ideas to help you prepare healthy meals for your family.

One of the things she shared with me was the Coborn's 3 Step Meal Prepping Process.


On a piece of paper, write out the next 3 days of the week. Next to each date, write out what you have going on and how many meals you will need to plan for. It might be 3 lunches on the go, a couple quick dinners, and one dinner where your family can actually sit down together and eat.  Step 1 doesn't mean you have to cook the food ahead of time. it simply means you'll have those items on hand or on your shopping list ready to go.


Once you've figured out how many meals you'll need for the next 3 days, do an inventory of what you have in your kitchen. What do you have on hand in the fridge? The freezer? The pantry?  When you figure out what you already have, it will make your shopping trip to the grocery a little less time consuming and spendy.


You've got your list of meals you can make so now you can make your grocery list. Don't forget to check weekly ads, coupons and other rewards to help you save on the things you plan on buying already.

Good luck! See how this works for you, and tweak it to your needs. Happy meal planning.