WILLMAR -- The Timothy Huber murder trial in Willmar is in recess until Monday morning.

The state called their final witness Wednesday afternoon, and this morning the defense called 5 witnesses before concluding their case for the week. More witnesses and closing arguments will take place next week before going to the jury.

This morning the defense team of Carter Greiner and Steven Ferrazano called Gene and Carolyn Lauer who live two miles from the Hubers near Paynesville. The Lauers had purchased a tractor from the Hubers in the 1990s and also interacted with them at auctions. Gene Lauer recalled seeing a large bruise on Tim Huber's head, and Tim told him his father had hit him. Lauer said whenever he saw Tim Huber and his father Delbert together, it always appeared Delbert was the dominant one, and Carolyn went further, saying when Delbert was around, Tim appeared "humble, meek and subservient."

Next was Tim Huber's friend Edward Rossman whom Tim helped put up siding on the day of the murder of Tim Larson, October 8th 2011. Rossman recalled a phone conversation with Delbert Huber in which he told Rossman he had hit Tim Huber in the head with a baseball ball and he was acting "goofy." Afterward, Rossman said Tim Huber's eyes were crossed for a few days.

And Lucas Benboom, who said he had known the Hubers for 4 years before the murder, said he once saw Delbert hit Tim in the shoulder with a cane, and in the face with a pair of work gloves. On both occasions Benboom said the younger Huber walked away and said nothing.

Tim Huber, 47, is charged with 1st and 2nd Degree Murder for his part in the shooting of Larson on a farm near Belgrade.

Delbert Huber admitting firing the shot, but the state is trying to prove Tim knew the shooting would happen and possibly encouraged or conspired with his father.

The Hubers and Larson had been in a fued prior to the shooting over hunting privileges on the Huber's land.

Larson, 43, was a teacher of special needs children in the St. Michael-Albertville School District and left behind a wife and two young children.

This story courtesy of KWLM in Willmar.