ST. CLOUD -- Formerly known as Moderow's Decorating in St. Cloud, the Paint Store and Mooore is our next featured business in our Thriving Local series.

Ted Statz and Karl Hinkemeyer bought the business from its original owner in 1996. Statz says since then they've really expanded on the "mooore" part.

"So we sell Benjamin Moore paint products primarily. But we sell other stuff, we sell lacquers, we sell stains, we sell exterior stuff by Sikkens, products by Sikkens. We also sell window treatments and wall coverings."

A lot has changed over the years, several large retailers have moved into town. Hinkemeyer says in the past those large retailers were not considered direct competition.

"When we bought the place 23 years ago if people would ask, I really didn't consider Home Depot and Menard's to be a major direct competitor of us. But now we don't see a Lowe's, Menard's or Home Depot ad without it being, paint, paint, paint."

Both men agree that if they didn't provide a high level of customer service their business wouldn't be thriving.

"We take time with customers. I think a lot of times people will say nobody spent any time with me [at other stores], nobody took the time [with me]. It could be just five minutes to give them a color chart."

Statz and Hinkemeyer run the business on their own, they don't have any employees. Statz says it's a good setup because the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing.

"That is a bonus too because we know what's going on and when you come in the store you're always going to get someone who knows what's going on. When you have us out to your house for a consultation or when a job needs a bid or something like that, whoever it is a contractor or residential [customer] you're always dealing with an owner, so somebody who cares."

The Paint Store and Mooore is on 3rd Street North in St. Cloud.

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