This is a cute moment that one Minnesota police officer shared on social media recently. A North Branch officer shared a photo of his badge recently, except there was one thing that just didn't belong in the photo. His daughter had apparently gotten ahold of his badge and added a sticker from the movie Frozen.

The picture is simply captioned When you are a girl dad...

The picture, shared on Saturday to the North Branch Police Department's Facebook page, shows the other side of policing that we don't often see, the family side of the job that often gets lost with the tough exterior.

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While we don't know how long the sticker stayed on the badge, one has to wonder just how long was it on there before someone pointed it out to Officer Lawson. Hopefully, his co-workers didn't let him go too long with the sticker on, I mean it would be a little hard to take him seriously if he had me pulled over and I saw that sticker.

Have you ever had a girl-dad moment?

While we might not see Frozen stickers on local police officers' badges here in St. Cloud and the surrounding area, we could be seeing some different colored police patches in the near future.

Many Minnesota police departments go pink for October and breast cancer awareness month, which often means that the patch on their sleeves will change from their traditional color schemes to a pink scheme.

Also, many times when departments do this, they make the pink patches available for purchase to the public as a community fundraiser, which makes a fun gift for a friend or family member who enjoys supporting law enforcement.

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