With another New Year starting up, many of us have a resolution to be more active and healthy. During the winter months there are plenty of outdoor activities that burn off a ton of calories. Here's a top five list of winter activities that burn off the most calories-

(Note: Calculations done for an individual weighing around 185 pounds. Calories burned may be more or less depending on weight)


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    Snow Shoveling


    Shoveling may not be the most fun activity on the list, but it's great for your cardiovascular system while working the arms and back.

    Getting out and clearing the driveway will burn off around 435 calories per hour.

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    Cross-Country Skiing


    Cross-country skiing can be enjoyed in numerous parks and can be purely recreational or highly competitive. Both the lower and upper body benefit from the activity thanks to the pulling and pushing involved.

    Cross-country skiing knocks out around 500 calories per hour.

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    A classic activity that both children and adults can enjoy, walking up and down the hills in the snow is a great exercise for your legs.

    Sledding burns an impressive 525 calories per hour.

  • Ice Skating, Lena_Ni,flickr

    Ice Skating


    There are plenty of places open to the public in Central Minnesota for ice skating. The activity is fairly inexpensive-requiring only a pair of skates and a place to go.

    Ice skating works your hamstrings, quads, back, and abdominal muscles. Getting out on the ice will also burn around 530 calories per hour.

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    Ice Hockey


    This classic winter sport tops off the list. Hockey's multiple movement patterns use many muscles, including the glutes, quads, hamstrings, abdominals, back, and arms.

    Getting a group together to play hockey on the ice will burn off a grand total of about 600 calories per hour.