If you are like me you spent a portion of your weekend/evening chiseling down the snowdrifts at the end of your driveway. In some communities, a snowplow will drive around and drop its 'wing' and knock down the tall drifts. But all plow drivers will tell you there is one thing that when they see it, scares them completely. A 'cave' cut into the snow with toys sitting inside. Instant chills as the driver will suddenly wonder where is the child who left their toys here?

I saw this photo on the Minnesota Memes page on Facebook, it was created by Smiltch Charles Anderson, and while it is a meme it is a stark reminder of what plow drivers are looking for when they are going through Minnesota neighborhoods during the winter.

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With colder weather expected later this week, creating hardened icy-snow piles, you might want to remind your kids or grandkids how dangerous it can be playing in snowbanks located on the side of the road.

Don't get me wrong I loved playing in our snowbanks as a kid, my brother and I would construct a tunnel and pop out at people, but we knew when we heard the snowplow coming to get out of it and to expect that we'd have to dig it back out or surrender that tunnel for the year.

To all the snowplow operators, you've had a really busy year so far with all the snow we've had, but thanks for keeping our roads and parking lots clear and for always keeping an eye out for our kids, and keeping them safe too.

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