Was this ever popular? Sort of? Only youtube videos watching middle age people try them falling off and being carried to the emergency room? Since they don't really HOVER, they are not actually hoverboards...thus...I think the failure of this techy gadget...NOW...make a REAL hoverboard, and you'll have something.


I'm old school so I guess I still love my headphones plugged in...until I walk away from the mixing board or computer and pull myself over backwards, because I forgot to take my headphones off....okay...Maybe wireless is better.  You got me there.


I think this could have had  a longer shelf life if they hadn't cost $400 a piece. They pitched to sell only to people who really needed this device..oh wait....there's nothing this watch does that my phone doesn't.


Does this apply to Minnesota? I've never even Heard of a diesel car? We love our trucks though? All I know about diesel trucks is they sound cool.


Tablets are just big phones now...right? Right.  Great idea to have a small device to do the same things as laptops, but since they really couldn't, good idea to just turn them into huge phones.  Do I sound crabby?  I'm all for trying new things..I just think it lead to a better use for a useless device.

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