Love texting? Me too! When I hear my text alert sound, my heart skips a beat because 9 times out of 10, it’s Glen. He’s usually telling me that he’s on his way home and asking me if I need groceries or anything else so he can stop and get it for me. He’s so sweet. I love hearing from him, but sometimes guys want to let us know they’re thinking of us and they miss the mark.

The Nothing Text

For example, “Hey…” That’s bad. “Hi! Did you need something?” “No. Just wanted to say hi.” Ug. We’re at work. We’re busy. We hear the text alert. We stop what we’re doing, grab the phone and look down and all it says is “Hey…” We know you want to send flirty text messages, but be creative. A better message to send would be, “Hey! I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to say I was thinking about you. Have a good day!” It conveys a good message and there’s no need for a response because sometimes we are too busy for a long conversation.

The Smiley Face

Emoticons are cute. You can add intonation or a bit of whimsy to an otherwise emotionless looking message, but if we text you saying “Thanks for dinner. I had a great time last night. XO” Don’t reply with a smiley face, winky face or any other emoticon. That type of text requires a verbal response. We aren’t asking for a Nicholas Sparks like response back, but something like, “You’re very welcome. I had a good time too.” is appropriate.

“Whaddya Wanna Do”

This is fine if you’ve been dating for five years or you’ve been married forever. We want you to have a plan when you ask us out. Send a message like, “I was thinking we could hit up that new Mexican place for dinner tonight. Heard they have killer margaritas!” Or, “Italian. Dress up and wear your dancing shoes.” We like a man who can take charge, rather than waiting for us to make a decision. Some days we have made a lot of decisions and our brains are fried.

“We Need to See Other People”

Breaking up via text is NEVER OK. Ever. Regardless of whatever stage you’re in, breaking up via text should never enter your mind. Especially if you’ve been intimate. Breaking up via text is like a punch in the stomach. If you’re on dates one through four, a phone call is fine, but if you’re past date six, you have to do it in person.