ST. CLOUD -- An independently organized version a popular speaker series is coming to St. Cloud in October.

The first TEDxStCloud event, it will be hosted at the Paramount Center for the Arts on October 12. The x in TEDx indicates it is an independently organized event and not a part of the official TED brand.

Erin Borron is the Marketing Lead for TEDx, she says a local student led the effort to bring this series to St. Cloud.

"Sam LaBine, he's a St. John's student and the organizer behind this event, and he's worked with a group of students, community leaders and mentors within the community to bring TEDx to St. Cloud."

She adds, they're aiming to make sure this event has something for everyone, and reflects our community.

"We're going to try and make it very inclusive and interactive. We've put a lot of focus into making sure the greater St. Cloud community is reflected in this event."

The topics that will be discussed haven't been finalized yet, but the four speakers for the event are:

  • Sally Koering Zimney
  • Ayan Omar
  • Kari Turkowski
  • David Vee

Borron says the event committee had over 60 applicants for the speaker slots, the committee says they were 'astonished' how many actually applied.

There are only 100 tickets available for the event and are $40 per ticket. You can buy them at the Paramount Box Office.

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