Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall joined me on WJON today.  She says the county has adjusted how they are pursuing those involved with human trafficking due to the pandemic. Kendall says trafficking is still happening and typically those involved with trafficking are also involved with drug sales.  Janelle says the traffickers find their victims online who might be down on their luck or are showing a sign of desperation.  Listen below.


A decision on the relocation of the Derek Chauvin case hasn't been made yet.  Janelle says based on comments from the judge in the case in Minneapolis moving the trial may not happen.  Chauvin is the officer seen on video kneeling on the throat of George Floyd.  Stearns County was one of many counties listed as an option for relocation of this trial if that was going to happen at all.  Kendall says Stearns County has no control over whether that happens.

Janelle Kendall says court cases continue despite the pandemic and she says some of what they do now is more efficient with video conferencing.  She says some of what they are doing is faster than it was before the pandemic while some is taking longer.

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