ST. CLOUD - Arvis Stubbs has an energy and personality that is contagious. She's channeled that for the last 19 years into making a difference in others lives.

Stubbs overcame adversity in her own life and now wants to help others overcome the adversity in their own lives.

For the last 19 years, she has donated, and taken in donations of hats, socks, and gloves, giving them as gifts to homeless people around St. Cloud.

Stubbs says the smallest things, like socks, can make the biggest difference.

"I can remember [giving] these people the socks and they got so excited and put them on right away. They started waving and waving. Right there I knew I would never want to stop."

She also says that when you pass someone who's homeless, remember they are a person just like you.

"You know something, everybody has made a mistake and messed up in their life. Some people are just able to get up quicker than others."

Stubbs and "Socks From The Soul" even go the extra lengths to wrap all the donations into gifts. Stubbs says they do that because giving someone a gift lets them know someone else is thinking of them.

Wednesday night, dozens of volunteers went to the Boys and Girls Club to wrap the gifts. The group wrapped nearly 900 gifts for those in need around St. Cloud.

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