ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud has started to roll out its parks and recreation master plan. The plan includes details about demographics, population trends, and budgets.

During a presentation at the newly named Haws Park Mayor Dave Kleis says, St. Cloud's Parks and Recreation Department works well while costing our city less than the national average.

Director Scott Zlotnik says, this is due to his staff's dedication.

"Our people, they're very very committed to what they do, and it's hard to find in the world but when you can embrace the amount of people we do that love their jobs and love coming to work day in and day out [they get results]."

He adds that he's very happy with a recent survey where 94% of respondents said they're satisfied with the job his department is doing.

"It's very rewarding to know that 94% of the respondents say they trust and believe and are satisfied with our parks."

St. Cloud's Parks and Recreation budget is $3.4-million, which is $2.1-million less than the national average of similarly sized cities.

St. Cloud parks are also twice as large as the national average, but third in the state behind Bloomington and Rochester.

The Granite City is up to 99 parks within city limits.

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