The City of St. Cloud has been working on filling pot holes this week.  That according to St. Cloud Public Services Director Tracy Hodel.  She says they've been using a combination of cold mix and heated up mix to fill these pot holes the best they can.  Hodel acknowledges these patches aren't likely to hold for long due to the freeze, thaw cycle, we're in.  She says the roads that get fixed the soonest are based on how heavily traveled they are.

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Hodel indicates MN-Dot has been working to fill pot holes on both Highway 23 and Highway 10 in St. Cloud but says they are having the same problem with these patches not holding for long as they are.  A major reconstruction of Highway 10 along the Highway 23 interchange is scheduled to start this spring.  Hodel indicated the Cooper Avenue reconstruction project, which was delayed last year due to supply chain issues, will start very soon.  The project will include curb and gutter along with sidewalk from Roosevelt Road to 22nd Street South.

Spring flooding is another concern.  Hodel says the large amount of snow pack needs to melt but it is better if that melt is slow to avoid a spring flood.  She says temps in the 40s are ideal for now to allow for a slow melt.  Hodel says the river levels aren't real high so there is some capacity to take more runoff.  Road locations the city monitors for flooding often include 5th Avenue by the Hospital, 8th Street and 25th Avenue, underneath Division Street/Highway 23 on 9th Avenue and 25th Avenue and 7th Street.  Hodel says last year they saw Division Street/Highway 23 Flood for the first time.  She says these locations are highlighted on the map to keep an eye on.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tracy Hodel it is available below.  If you'd like to track construction projects in St. Cloud the city has a blog setup with updates.  Here is a link to that.



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