SAUK CENTRE -- The trip took 10,570 miles, crossed 48 states and took 18 days, but one St. Cloud man brought home over $22,000 for the Eagles Healing Nest.

Mike Spaude is the man who took on the challenge of riding all those miles to raise the money for the Veterans' Home in Sauk Centre.

He says the most challenging part of the trip, was also the hottest.

"The section when I had to get caught back up. I broke down in Utah and got towed into Las Vegas, I didn't get out of Vegas until 2:30 in the afternoon, it was 110 degrees, I needed to be in California for my hotel, it ended up being 848 miles, I rode all night."

He added that feeling coming home was surreal.

"When I got to the Nest on [that, the 27th] Thursday night, there was about 50 of the Vets standing there waiting for me, cheering and clapping and waiting as I rode in, which was very humbling."

With the extra money, the nest hopes to be able to repair two roofs, and move forward with both its "Dog House" for Vets with service dogs, and another building for women Veterans.

Spaude says he appreciated how many people across the country thanked him when they found out what he was doing, adding that they all showed gratitude for our nation's Vets.

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