ST. CLOUD -- It's been nearly a month now since bars and restaurants have been limited to delivery and take out orders online.

St. Cloud Health Director Matt O'Brien says, after getting a lot of calls from residents about possible violations early on, inquiries have quieted down. He says his department is now focusing more on outreach and online training.

To help them if they are doing some changes for switching to deliveries or take-out if they are not used to it.  So, giving them some free training and guidance online.

O'Brien says they are also developing education tools about COVID-19 for when restaurants and bars are able to open-up for dine-in customers again.

And how that spread can be minimized within these businesses and food establishments.  Gearing our efforts to some of that outreach has been our goal.

He says they plan to go live with the online training within the next week.

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