ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Cathedral's construction of a new 38,000 square-foot building continues to make progress.

St. Cloud Catholic Schools Advancements Director Chris Schellinger says the new building is really going to bring the campus together.

I think it's surreal for a lot of people that this is happening. This building will give the campus a sense of unity we've never had before.

The addition sits on top of what once was the schools parking lot, and now will house some the school's growing programs.

We have our science classes which will be on the second floor, our visual arts program will move into this building, our engineering program will move over into this space, and we will have a new chapel in this space which we really needed.

Schellinger says the new building will also house the administrative offices. As for the current office, he says there is talks to have that area reconfigured to fit six grade students.

Currently the school is 7th-12th grade. We do have plans in the fall of 2021 to begin a new middle school program here at Cathedral.  So 6th-8th grade will be a separate middle school and it's unknown where that space will be located, but they are still working on that.

The entire project costs roughly $17-million, which Schellinger says they still have about 10 percent to raise toward their goal.

Despite undergoing new construction during a pandemic, there is still hope the new building will be ready by September.

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