ST. CLOUD - People from St. Cloud and the surrounding area showed up to show support for President Donald Trump Saturday afternoon.

Those who showed up were just a small portion of movement around the country called "March 4 Trump". If you drove by the Crossroad Center Area Saturday you may have seen them around 2:00 p.m. on a few different corners on Division and Highway 15.

Jason, a member of the SD 13 Republicans, says they are out to show support for the President of this country.

"We're out here supporting Donald Trump. We were sick of always seeing people protesting so we thought we would go out and show support for Mr. President."

Jason also says he is excited about what decisions are already being made by the President and is excited about the future of the country.

Meanwhile, six counterprotesters were arrested in St. Paul during a rally in support of President Donald Trump.

St. Paul police say five of the arrested face felony riot charges after they allegedly lit fireworks inside the Minnesota State Capitol then ran away. The Minnesota State Patrol arrested a sixth counterprotester for disorderly conduct.

The rally was one of many events held nationwide Saturday. About 400 people attended the St. Paul event, and about 50 people showed up to protest against it.

There were minor scuffles during the rally, which were quickly diffused by other protesters and police.

The rally and counterprotest led to dueling chants inside the Capitol rotunda.

Another rally in Rochester drew about 10 people, and no counterprotesters.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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