MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ An out-of-court settlement has been reached in a lawsuit alleging that Wells Fargo and one of its mortgage bankers in Mankato mistakenly outed a family under victim protection.

Plaintiffs' attorney Randy Knutson says the sides came to a "fair and reasonable settlement.'' Terms were not disclosed.

A spokesman for San Francisco-based Wells Fargo says the lawsuit "has been settled on terms that are acceptable to both sides.''

According to the lawsuit, the victim's mother applied for a mortgage on a new home in November 2016, four months after her daughter was sexually assaulted.

The suit alleged mail bearing the mother's name from Wells Fargo and from others targeting her as a new homeowner began showing up at what was supposed to be a secret location.

The mother and daughter had enrolled in Minnesota's Safe at Home program, designed to protect survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and others who fear for their safety.