School's back in session...School of Rock, that is!

After missing last year due to COVID-19, the 16th annual School of Rock is underway. Over 50 young musicians grades 6-12 have come together in the name of music to learn how to be in a band together. Several bands, actually. The Wirth Center for the Performing Arts gives kids the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the band experience -- from picking members to naming the band, photo shoots to song selection, rehearsals to live performances. This year's School of Rock includes 14 guitarists, 16 vocalists, 10 drummers, 8 bass players, 2 keyboardists, 1 string player and 4 horn players.

The two-week program features a gamut of notable instructors including Promoter/Producing/Music moguls Tommy and Jeff Vee; Fabulous Armadillos guitarist Paul (Stretch) Diethelm; Blimp/Stearn’s County Pachanga Society’s guitarist Mark (Hazzy) Hasbrouck; multi-talented globe-hopping professional musician Mitch Johnson; Owl City band members Dan Schepers, Peter James Johnson, Tyler Kelm, Dave Lumley and Cody Johnson; and winner of the 2021 Central Minnesota Idol contest Jen Lamb-Randolph.

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Kids and instructors are currently rehearsing at  Calvary Community Church in St. Cloud in preparation of final performances Thursday, August 5th at 7:00pm at the Paramount Theatre. In 2019 over 650 family, friends, and music-lovers packed the house to see the young musicians perform. The concert August 5 is open to the public. Advance sale tickets are $10.00 plus handling fees and are available at the Paramount Box Office.

"I'm out there on the front lines liberating people with my music!" -- Dewey Finn, School of Rock

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