SARTELL - The Sartell-St. Stephen school district received high marks on its community feedback survey.

The survey was given in the spring and asked parents and community members to give feedback on the quality of education at Sartell schools. Overall, the survey gave the district very high marks.

New superintendent Jeff Schwiebert says the survey reflects the quality of education offered in the district.

When asked about the quality of education at Sartell High School, 53.2 percent said it was "excellent", 37.8 percent called it "good" and only 1 percent said it was "poor".

At the Sartell Middle school, 60.6 percent said the education was "excellent", 36.8 percent said it was "good" and no respondents said the education was "poor".

The survey also asked respondents to compare the quality of education during the past five years. 58.7 percent said the education quality in the district remained the same, 34.8 percent said it improved in quality and 6.4 percent said the quality decreased.

Schwiebert says the survey was positive but the district constantly needs to look for ways to improve.

The survey also asked about the Early Childhood Center, Pine Meadow Elementary and Oak Ridge Elementary. District 748 will discuss the results of the survey during a meeting on Monday at 4:00 p.m.

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