SARTELL -- We now have a better understanding on where the proposed Sartell Community Center may be built.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting eight potential sites were brought before the council for discussion.

The sites were Ferche South (next to Chateau Waters), Ferche North (other side of Cobrons and Chateau Waters), Heritage (along heritage drive), Pinecone Regional Park (Bernicks Area), City Hall, Golf Course North and South (located on either side of Pinecone Regional Golf Course) and Villcheck (next to Pinecone Central Park.

Project Manager Bob Strack says the development group chose the eight locations based on certain criteria provided to them by the city council.

"We wanted to see what sites the city currently owns, what sites are available, locations for utilities and access, all of those are criteria we wanted to use," says Strack.

The sites were based on their location to the intersection of Pinecone Road and 2nd Street South.

After hearing the pros and cons for each location, the council found it challenging to decide which spot would be the ideal location.

Council member Steve Hennes says he was in favor with the Ferche South location next to Chateau Waters so the area can continue to grow and be a central hub for economic development.

While Council member David Peterson says he would like to see the Villcheck and Heritage sites as a potential location for the community center to help grown that side of the city.

After weighing all the options the council was able to narrow the proposed community center down to three locations -- Ferche South, Heritage and Villcheck.

Stack says having a site is crucial to move forward on the project and now that they have three choices hopefully they can to gain momentum.

"I think now that we have some sites to focus in on we can we can mirror that with a building budget and come up with a final overall budget for them to review," says Strack.

Last month the council did agree they would like to see a project with a total cost of 10-million-dollars, with focus on a senior center and community space, that would in two courts.

The council still needs to vote on a final location, which is expected to take place sometime next month to keep up with the proposed project timeline.

The city would like to begin construction on the community center next Spring or Summer.