ROCKVILLE - People living in cities under 5,000 people are paying a tax that they aren't seeing a benefit from.

Minnesota has tax on unleaded gas of 28.6 cents per gallon and 28.6 cents per gallon on diesel. The taxes paid go to county, state and township roads but nothing to small towns.

Rockville has over 60 miles of roads, but because its population doesn't exceed 5,000 people, they don't get any of that gas tax money to fix its roads.

Rockville is just one of more than 700 cities in Minnesota that receive no funding from the states current gas tax. According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation the state brings over $500,000,000 every year in gas tax to the Highway User Tax Distribution (HUTD) fund.

Rockville City Council Member Richard Tallman says he doesn't understand why they are paying these taxes if the residents of Rockville don't see a benefit.

"The one's who fall short, like Rockville, are cities with populations with 5,000 or less. We are wondering why is that happening, we are all paying that gas tax, we're not seeing any of the benefit."

Rockville has teamed up with the League of Minnesota Cities to try to get legislation changed. In the meantime Rockville and 700 other cities in Minnesota are left wondering why are we being taxed and not seeing any benefit.

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