This might be one of the coolest things I have seen on the internet this year, and the story is from right in our own backyard. A 9-year-old from Rockville recently was featured online on the website Outdoor News for taking down a HUGE gobbler with a BIG 'OL BEARD! Check this out!

Image Credit: Outdoor News website and Mat Salzbrun
Image Credit: Outdoor News website and Mat Salzbrun

Outdoor News recently highlight 9-year-old Tenley Salzbrun of Rockville has she successfully took home a tom with a 12-inch beard! The Outdoor News described the hunt as taking place in April.

"on April 28, shot a Stearns County tom whose bushy beard measured 12 inches – a trophy appendage, indeed, and one that would rank in the state’s top 10 in length (modern firearms), based on National Wild Turkey Federation records." The Outdoor News

Tenley's dad Mat told the outdoor publication that "the tom weighed about 25 pounds and had 1 1⁄4-inch spurs." He went on to add that the bird according to him was  a "stud.”

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While it's rare to find a bird this big on a regular basis it's got to be welcome news to turkey hunters everywhere knowing that a 9-year-old from Central Minnesota took home a trophy bird and more than likely will continue hunting turkey for a long, long time.

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