FOLEY -- A discussion was brought up at this evenings (Tuesday) Foley City Council meeting on whether to ban weapons in City Hall.

Council member Leslie LeCuyer started to look into this issue after information was address that someone attending a previous council meeting was carrying a gun.

After hearing about the incident LeCuyer looked into taking some preventive action.

However, upon further review LeCuyer found out that by law a public building within the city or state can't ban someone who has a permit to carry a firearm.

LeCuyer says according to the League of Minnesota Cities there is only a few places where someone, even with a permit, can't carry a firearm.

Those places include schools, jails, federal buildings, airports, courthouses, correctional facilities just to name a few.

LeCuyer went on to say that those who can carry a firearm must make sure they have the proper paper work with them in the public place.

While the council could not take action on this issue LeCuyer says it was helpful in making public buildings safe for everyone.