Festivus was last month (year herdeeherrrr), but grievances were still aired on the Loon Morning Show today.

You can't let these things fester, people! Today's Question of the Century:

What's an Everyday Thing People Do That's Extremely Disrespectful?

Brettzki nailed it on the first try: "Just because you had an argument with someone, doesn’t mean you have the right to shoot them."

Erica's response applied even in the pre-COVID world: "People who cannot cover their cough and sneezes."

Jill hit a big one: "People talking on their cell phones on speaker in public."
Shelly seconded Jill: "When you are out on a walk and someone else who is also out on a walk has a Bluetooth speaker blaring. Doesn’t even matter if I like the song, it’s just so annoying to me."

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Jeremiah has driven and is being driven mad: "Going slow in the fast lane"
So is Becky: "Not using their blinkers!"
Beth, too: "Road rage!"

Bill knows something: "When someone takes your work and passes it off as their own. So rude! Am I right!?!?"

I'm thinking Michael was being sarcastic: "Well at work here where everyone is perfect and so brilliant but don't know how to put toilet paper on the bracket or throw away an empty roll"

Angie...uh, what the heck?: "It’s disrespectful when I’m holding my pet snake or turtle in the public and someone tells me that they taste good! Yeah I bet their dog is delicious also but I don’t announce it!"

Katie's tired of people's trash: "Tossing their trash on the ground instead of a proper bin! Disrespectful and Lazy!"

Rene is all-encompassing but not incorrect: "Most of the time the way some people EXIST is extremely disrespectful. God I literally hate people."

Tim outed himself as a jerkface who doesn't return his shopping cart: "I'll leave it wherever I want and keep the trolley collectors in a job."

Awe, bless your heart, Tim!

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