ST. CLOUD -- Drivers across the state need to start mentally preparing to share the roads with school buses as students head back to school next week.

Buses in the St. Cloud, Sartell, and Sauk Rapids school districts will begin shuttle students to and from school starting Tuesday.

District 742 Transportation Services Supervisor Scott Dahlin says there are a few friendly reminders drivers should remember when heading two and from work.

"If they see the yellow or red flashing lights, it's important for motorists to remember to stop 20 feet behind or in front of the bus. Another reminder is there will be a lot of students walking to school or to the bus stop in the early morning hours again.

There is about 9,000 students shuttled by bus, traveling over 1.6 million miles each year through more than 110 different bus routes in District 742.

Dahlin says while they have all the bus routes covered to begin the school year, they could still use more drivers.

"We have the routes covered right now, but some of the routes will be covered by mechanical shop staff instead of actual drivers. So we are still looking across the board for a few more bus drivers."

If you're interested in becoming a bus driver you can call the district at 253-9370 or go on the districts website.

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